Ready For Adoption 

Change is good and I think it is time to change. I need to be adopted. I have been adopted twice, I am not complaining but I am looking for better adoption packages. 

At present, my current adopting family is offering me basic things in life. The list is small, but it includes staying on the beach the whole time in Dubai, including food and refreshing beverages. Villa in Jumiera that has a dog and a maid to do all my laundry. I must add that being adopted by them, I get all the free stuff from their friends, such as BBQ parties, lunches, dinners, fishing trips, desert camping, riding bikes, etc,,, 

Internationally, and in thailand, I have my private room in a villa, with all services included. Even though I am not fussy about food, but they stuff me with lobsters, shrimps, crabs, fish, and some side dishes such as meat, chicken, rice, vegetable, etc,,,

I am open for serious potential offers for those who want me to be part of their lives. 

I am such a pleasant person and never have been shouted at or told off. Simply, I’ve been slapped. 

© Samsoom Al Jabbar 2012