Me, the person you don’t know!

IMG 0388

Looks: Especially lately, I am seriously good looking.

Personality: Very outgoing. Simply because I like to go out!

Temper: Extremely dangerous, I am not kidding. Search Samsoom Slapfest on youtube and you will understand what I mean.

Charming: Only if she is short and slightly chubby. Preferably Asian. 

Generous: Very indeed, especially to the Thai ladies in Koh Samui.

Multicultural: Off course yes. I love sushi, entrecote, hamos, lasagna, noodles, duck, biryani, lobster, onions, doner kebab, Greek salad, Mongolian BBQ, Pakistani lamb curry, and the list is long. 

Social: Without a doubt. I have 5 friends permanently plus/minus 2 per year, and on average I get one short term friend per month from the online chat rooms I subscribe too. 

Sexy: YES BABY,,,, 

Hobby: Please refer to the entry CHARMING

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