It Started With a “J”

Can’t really remember her name. Jacqueline, Jelena, Juana,  Jasmine, Juamana,  etc.. It could have been Gannina but that is spelled with a “G”!

Its another unfortunate story of a girl that, like many others, falls in love with me. We spent a good time in Dubai. I had to carry my ipod that has 80 songs in it in order to have a break from her. God, she didn’t stop talking. 

It was sad but I had to break the news to her. I simply told her that I like short women with dark hair. She was the complete opposite, tall and blond!

Have a good flight back home “J” or maybe “G”, this song is for you.

p.s.. read between the lines!

© Samsoom Al Jabbar 2012