Good News For You

Homer Simpson   Brain Scan  RE by Dz2

Wow, I have some good news for you. 

If you recall, I have mentioned in my earlier entries that some times I hear voices in my head. I always thought that it might be related to the Butterfly Effect I suffer from. Basically what I am actually hearing is an echo of my fast processing brain. However I decided to seek proper medical input from a top level doctor in brain surgery. 

I am glad, as you are to hear, that there is nothing out of the ordinary wrong with my brain cells. 

However, being Lebanese with a bit of French touch to it, I have to admit that my brain cells are either to lazy to work or simply decided to go on strike! 

Looking at 2009 records, on average my brain was 40% on strike, 20% on holiday, 10% on pension, 10% under age, 10% on sick leave, and 10% are homeless! I think this makes more sense of the current situation!

I will keep you posted for 2010 results.

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