Closer Look at Me


Born Lebanese, you can tell from my great looks. But now I am French. Oops, European to be politically correct. I once asked myself “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” I decided NOT TO BE. This makes life slightly less complicated. 

I have to admit that I have good self control. I chose what to eat, I am a dedicated athlete, and surly the Lebanese-French combination makes me a great lover. The secret is that I am a good listener.  

I am a socially active person. I invite my friends out, entertain guests and colleagues at least 5 times a week. Especially the last couple of weeks. With the World Cup being held in Zambia, I invite all my friends to the best sports lounge in town. 

I know that you are curious. But for the moment I am not ready to share my private life. 

© Samsoom Al Jabbar 2012