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It all Started on 1st July 2010, and the adventure still continues. To keep up with technology, I have renamed my site to isamsoom

Me, the person you don’t know!

IMG 0388

Looks: Especially lately, I am seriously good looking.

Personality: Very outgoing. Simply because I like to go out!

Temper: Extremely dangerous, I am not kidding. Search Samsoom Slapfest on youtube and you will understand what I mean.

Charming: Only if she is short and slightly chubby. Preferably Asian. 

Generous: Very indeed, especially to the Thai ladies in Koh Samui.

Multicultural: Off course yes. I love sushi, entrecote, hamos, lasagna, noodles, duck, biryani, lobster, onions, doner kebab, Greek salad, Mongolian BBQ, Pakistani lamb curry, and the list is long. 

Social: Without a doubt. I have 5 friends permanently plus/minus 2 per year, and on average I get one short term friend per month from the online chat rooms I subscribe too. 

Sexy: YES BABY,,,, 

Hobby: Please refer to the entry CHARMING

* Kindly email me if you have any question regarding  the photo.

My 2012 Summer Theme

I always have great summer holidays. But this time I want it to be special. The theme for my 2012 summer is eat as much of the best seafood as you can for the cheapest price!

And I wouldn’t mind some love on the side! Hint hint to some readers!

So I have decided to go to the land of smiling people of average height 144.02 cm, +/- 8.6 cm depending on the altitude. As I said before, I like them short. Excluding kids of course.

As much as I wanted it be a mystery for you guys to find out; unfortunately the color of the taxi gave my destination away!!!!!

Hope you planned your holidays to. 

And The Day is MINE

Thanks to all my family, friends, and fans all over the world, humans and animals.

Lets celebrate. I know it only comes once in a year, I kept it this way so it becomes a special day for us all.

All gifts are excepted, as long as they are new genuine Apple products, 5 star hotel stay voucher  in Koh Samui (1 week minimum stay, renewable for another 5 days including food and drinks), shoe size 48 that includes slippers, tanning lotion for Dubai trip, mosquito repellant lotion for Thailand,  daily massage at the White House in Samui, and finally, can you all please download VIBER on your phones so I can call you for FREE!!!!


Tough Life

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And the story of my honesty continues,,

Yesterday afternoon I was going home with my Julie after a nice afternoon sparkling wine at the park! I let go of her arm while crossing the road, pulled out my phone to take a photo. Naturally she gave me a whole load of shit because she knows I am not up to anything good! 

Seriously, how many times do you see a dog driving a Taxi around the city! 

A NEW YEAR,,,, Happy One

Thank you my beloved fans. I appreciate your support and I love each one of you. I am not a celebrity without you, neither are you in style and fashion if you don't follow me, through Twitter, Facebook, Linkindin, or direct mail on my P.O. Box,etc,, 

I promise a new ME this year, a more adventurous, more exciting, more interesting, more unexpected, more unseen, more unheard, more not heard off, more don’t want to know or hear off!!!!



Left Left

Left Left copy

A problem I had in Malta. Not a big one, but a technical one. This what happens when one is so excited to see somebody special and ends up packing without thinking. 

Maltese Canon

samsoom canon copy

My adventures this summer took me to an island known for its bird of prey. Hence, the Maltese Falcon. Well, it was not an adventure, I was invited to Julie and Dave’s wedding.

I loved Malta, its the land full of short birds, and as I mentioned before, I like them short! 

Then they took me to the silent city, it wasn’t silent by the time I got there.  I had to protect my small birds, so I armed my canon ready for THE FALCON.

What the hell are the obnoxious tourists looking at?

Unbelievable Wildlife

Don't be mistaken by this report. I consider myself part of the animal world, either as a rabbit or a cock. This is no DNA problem, we animals are cleaver. These goats are faking death not to be eaten alive by north Americas predators. Dangerous animals such as the raccoon, squirrel,  beaver, white sided dolphine, pocket mouse, brown bat, sheep, california sea lion, mountain goat, killer whale, and the notorious black tailed Jackrabbit. Named after the famous 19th century London serial killer Jack the Ripper.


Its been long time. I have recorded my greetings to you. I promise more to come.

All the best,



I have a virtue of patience, but you guys took it for granted. I gave you all nearly 60 days to wish me HAPPY RABBIT YEAR. Unfortunately, no one even sent me an e-card! 

Why do rabbits love carrots? Most of you wouldn’t be able to answer this question. Its not a tricky question. It is based on scientific research conducted over many years. The collaboration of many university laboratories and independent scientific research agencies including NASA, European Space Agency, World Health Organization, NATO, UNICEF, British Rabbit Council, etc,,,

Hint, have you ever seen a rabbit wearing prescription glasses!

© Samsoom Al Jabbar 2012